Ava Mina Group is sharing its latest development with all of Cairo in a striking OOH campaign. N Mall, situated in front of the Al-Massa Hotel at one of the prime sites in the New Capital, is launching its final phase. It has a ground and eight floors that consist of commercial, administrative and medical offices and stores. The center includes restaurants, cafes, skating, pharmacies, hypermarket, kids’ area and a food court. 

The visuals of the billboard are in a dark navy tone and a burnt gold, to prove the royal and expensive tenor of the mall and its setting. The writing is in white to capture attention and complete the neat and professional sense of the outdoors ad. Both the logos of Ava Mina Group and N mall appear on the billboards, as well as contact information.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Retail Shopping

Brand: N Mall

Advertiser: Ava Mina Group

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | New Capital | N mall | Ava Mina Group

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