HP climbs on Dubai's billboards with its new HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Laptop which is powered by AMD RYZEN. The laptop is thin and extremely powerful, especially for gaming use since it adopts performance-grade graphics with up to AMD Ryzen 7 processing power that is perfect for multitasking. The award-winning breakthrough graphics is attracting gamers all across the globe along with the laptops' blazing-fast supercharger which is able to smoothly operate today's most popular games. 

The campaign demonstrates the daring design of the Pavilion 15 which is bold & edgy and is also thin and light which makes it easy to travel. The laptop is also equipped with a dual-fan system for enhanced thermal cooling which optimizes gamers' overall performance and stability. The ad copy also indicates that the Pavilion 15 is now offered with accessories by McAfee which are bound to complete your gaming experience including; HP Pavilion Gaming Headset 600, HP Pavilion Gaming Mouse 300 & HP Pavilion Gaming Backpack 500. McAfee reflects on its slogan "Together is Power" which reflects that the overall gaming experience would be much better with the additional accessories. 

The ad copy mainly uses ruby red which is an emotionally charged color that represents strong feelings and a passionate nature. It also has the ability to stimulate your senses, energize your confidence and invoke feelings of ambition balanced with dignified action. The advert also uses clipart of a toy robot that can be remotely controlled, stepping out of the laptop which indicates the extent of technological power that Pavilion 15 has when it comes to gaming. 

The campaign is a fairly new & limited one that was published during the first week of July as digital screens across the city of Dubai. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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