Orange Egypt has made a strong presence this summer on Cairo's OOH prime scenes after the superstars Akram Hosny and Maged El Kedwany joined forces on Molto and Orange's co-branding Campaign in its previous campaign

In Orange and Molto’s campaign, they succeed to get us on our feet dancing on the jingle of the recreating jazz and mahragan song “Eda Eda” with the two superstars Maged El Kedwany and Akram Hosny, offering summer-long offers. Thereafter, Orange Egypt released another TV commercial that featured the megastar Tamer Hosny with his joyful jingle "Eftah Albak", landing straight to the OOH arena. In this campaign, Orange and Coca Cola joined forces to offer splendid promotions. The visuals capture eyes on the roads due to the juxtaposition of the orange and red color that represents the brand identity of both brands Orange and Coca Cola appeared in a partitioned background. As for the ad copy, the premise of the campaign is to win 50 units free with Orange and Coca Cola, featured with the campaign’s tagline “Open your heart”. Moreover, the visuals take us to the beach mood with Tamer Hosny to capture the essence of summer.

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