The non-profit organization “Egyptian Food Bank” is the first to establish “صك الأضحية من بنك الطعام المصري’’ or “Al Odheya Voucher”, specialized in fighting hunger through diversity and innovation since Egyptian Food Bank’s mission is to “believe in securing healthy nutritious food to alleviate the suffering of hunger". Moreover, it creates effective programs for addressing hunger issues in cooperation with those who care about the underprivileged and hungry Egyptian citizens like families whose income does not satisfy their food needs, Single mothers with a young child, those incapable of working, the elderly, and Patients. 

This OOH campaign showed up “Al Odheya Voucher” on a background of green shades, inducing people to "Buy Sacrifice Vouchers with Egyptian Bank Food" to spread joy to millions in need. The campaign's visuals introduced two kinds of vouchers; the Balady Vouchers and the imported Vouchers appeared with the price amount of each, as shown on the visuals that the Balady Vouchers value 3400 EGP, while the Imported Voucher with 1950 EGP for donation. It comes with a copy revealing ways for donation; through Unified Bank Account or Collection from home, placing the website address.  

For more information on Egyptian Food Bank’s campaign budgets, types, locations, media plan, OOH kinds and more. Just contact Monitoring-Out-of-home (MOOH) the dedicated OOH media intelligence company and analysis system in Cairo and Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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