Orange, one of the world's most powerful telecoms companies and leader in Egypt, has joined forces with Molto, a local Egyptian food and beverage brand. Ever since Orange’s latest OOH campaign, where it established itself as “The Best Network” in Egypt, the company is always known for its ruckus and striking campaigns in Egypt, and this OOH campaign is the most prominent yet. Following the comedic, Jazzy, and light-hearted commercial that has been aired on TV, the campaign soared on Cairo's billboards on the 2nd of July, which is considered a clever move in the right direction. 

The premise of the campaign is to get a Molto and ring up to"#20*code#" with the code you will find inside the Molto packs in order to enjoy free units from Orange that you can utilize in calls and in SMSs to other Orange numbers and for internet usage. Not only, but also if you subscribe to the Orange recharge offer and bill your number with the needed amount you get via SMS, you will receive a free Molto. 

The visuals of the billboard are very striking due to the juxtaposition of the orange and the blue used and due to the presence of famous names. The opposing colors also reflect on the opposing roles of Maged El Kedwany and Akram Hosny, respectively. Maged El Kedwany is the brand ambassador for Molto, while Akram Hosny is the face for Orange in this ad. Both are dressed in the same sportive outfit with cobalt, sleeveless hoodie, and orange sport headband around their forehead. In addition, the interior behind the celebrities is an orange and blue gym. The matching of the color theme gives a cohesive sense to the campaign, ties everything up together, and the contrast plays off the presence of the two brands from two different industries together. 

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