The US actress and popular star Selena Gomez’s cosmetics line, Rare Beauty that launched last year, will start expanding abroad in Europe and the Middle East this summer, where Selena Gomez was spotted on an inspiring OOH campaign in Dubai’s streets.

Selena Gomez's cosmetic line "Rare Beauty" is breaking out all the beauty taboos by empowering us to be comfortable with who we are, loving ourselves, accepting our flaws & differences, and eliminating the need for perfection, where what makes each of us beautiful is our individuality and uniqueness.

Since Selena Gomez's mental health journey is what inspired her brand, she has promised one percent of all Rare Beauty sales will go to the Rare Impact Fund to increase and facilitate access to mental health services in the Americas. 

The visuals feature the 28-years-old actress, Selena Gomez, wearing makeup of her cosmetic line on a black-themed background, along with the displayed cosmetic products. The ad copy informs audiences that “Rare Beauty” is exclusively available at Sephora. ae. This campaign soared in the first week of July with limited locations on Hoarding Billboards in Dubai. 

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