Dubai’s streets were embellished with the OOH campaign that belonged to Hermes Paris, the French luxury goods designer. Hermes Paris has introduced Twilly Eau Ginger to the UAE, a warm perfume for women, or “the scent of the Hermes girls” as they call it, with its bright vibrant ingredients of peony, ginger, and cedar. It’s the perfect combination of floral, spicy, and woodsy.  

The outdoor ad feels like a hot summer breeze. The white background represents the purity of the ad to communicate the simplicity yet the freshness of the ad. It also reflects back on the target for the perfume, which is young women, so the whiteness reassures the innocence quality. Yet still, there is a pop of color (pink and orange) in the ribbon behind the model, to rejuvenate the billboard and trigger that mischievous, playful and fun aspect of the campaign. The model they selected for this ad is a fresh-looking, young, blonde model who is smiling with her eyes closed and hair flying across her face. This perfectly translates the feelings they want across to the audience, with the joyful, lively, and spirited message they are going for. 

The other side of the billboard displays the perfume bottle, with the same color ribbon again. The bottle is tied with that silk ribbon, has a stark white cap, and is yellow. Hermes Paris is keeping up with the identity of the perfume throughout the whole campaign. The language used here is English and Arabic with the brand's name, perfume's name, and “the sparkle of the Hermes girls” and its translation in Arabic. The campaign emerged on the billboards of Dubai within the first week of July 2021

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