Al Ayoubi Technologies LLC climbs on UAE's billboards with their newly conducted Moorgen Technology that will transform your house into a smart home. The company is well-known for its automation projects in Dubai and it provides customers high-end home modification and optimization, in terms of security, education products, lights and machines that are computerized and associated with adaptable applications. 

The campaign vividly reflects that smart home automation is accomplished through Moorgen, which has the capacity to control things around the house. From window shades to pet feeders, with an immediate click or a voice order. The ad copy also portrays how the app delivers the fun of smart home living by regularly upgrading solutions & products to make your home more reliable & convenient and to generally improve the standard of living by bringing prime quality, loyalty and innovation. 

The Moorgen app offers modules related to motor control, lighting control, air conditioning, security control, family cinema, host products, smart switch and remote control products. The ad copy uses the slogan "Building Your Home! Alayoubi Will Make It Smart Home" and offers their business numbers for more details. The campaign also portrays a customer controlling the lighting through Moorgen on a smartphone which gives the audience a glimpse of the smart living experience. 

The limited campaign is a new one which was released during the first week of July as hoardings across Dubai City. 

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