Walking into NAIA Bay feels like a trip to Greece with its cerulean water and deluxe architecture. NAIA Bay place is nestled in Ras El Hekma in Egypt. Jumeirah Egypt, the real estate investment and developer of Naia Bay, has outdone itself especially as it is their very first project. This OOH campaign has landed on Cairo's Billboards, describing NAIA Bay as a "Private Imperial Waterfront for All Units".  

Inspired by the Greek way in its architecture and construction, Naia Bay boasts twin houses, townhouses, chalets, bungalows, cabins, Fira area for villas, a Pelagio neighbourhood, Hali area for townhouses and lagoons, Plaka region for shops, and Poli area for kiosks. The coastal city is not merely remarkable scenery and novel designs, but it also offers cafes, malls, extravagant 5-star hotels, private beaches, swimming pools, and restaurants. Therefore, It is full of services and facilities to cater to each individual’s needs.

The outdoor ads greatly encompass the vital value and essence of Naia Bay. It is a picture of the setting, where both an oceanside view and a view of the white, Santorini-style architecture are seen. Red flowers and greenery are also in the shot, which highlights the colors of the photo. The clear ultramarine skies and azure blueness of the water are not only tempting the passers to look at the billboards but also to pay attention and be captured by them. ‘Naia Bay’ and ‘Ras El Hekma’ are written in huge-sized and navy blue font, while the campaign name is right underneath them. At the bottom, it contains their hotline and the advertiser ‘Jumeirah Egypt Real Estate Investments’ for more details and inquiries.

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