Ajmal Perfumes, the master of the craft of perfumery in UAE, has released a new brand by the name of Amir, with their almost seven decades of knowledge and experience. The "Amir" launch imposes the spirit of grandeur that Ajmal has, as observed on its OOH campaign. Amir One, the first perfume dropping from the collection, honors, and tributes the richness and oriental identity of Ajmal and their packed history in the art of scents. 

A blend of citrus, lavender, roses, jasmine, and lilies are molded together with an amber undertone and the strong classic scent of Oudh to create a powerful scent. Both musky and sweet, Amir One is the perfect fusion of oriental essence and womanly merit, with a luxurious touch. The outdoors ads showcase the essence of the perfume perfectly; with their black and gold colors that give off the regal sense of the brand and the thin, fancy font used. The perfume bottle is centered and focused, framed by a white background with gold specks and lights around the product itself to bring attention to it and how it brightens the dark background around it in an elegant blaze. ‘Oriental Art, Luxury Craft’ is written at the bottom left, revealing its app and social media platforms, also its Arabic translation is rightly aligned, as a reminder of its promise. This campaign emerged in the last week of June with a limited location on UniPole Billboards in Dubai. In the second week of July, this campaign has shown up again on Digital Screens and Lampposts Billboards, but with more locations unlike the first week of July.

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