The fourth edition of the major real estate event, The National Expo 2021, will be held in Egypt’s Al-Qubba Presidential Palace. The event will be taking place in Egypt for the first time as organized by three leading real estate marketing and exhibitions companies which include; the National Exhibition Company, The Address Consultancy Company, The RED Real Estate Marketing Company as well as the ACG-ITF Company. The National Expo of 2021 supports the state’s approach in the promotion of overseas and domestic developments of national projects. 

The event groups leading experts in the industry of real estate exhibitions along with major real estate marketing companies and those form up the most vital factors for the success of the real estate exhibition. The campaign’s visual also indicates that some of the participating sponsors include; Egypt Air, the United Bank and SWVL. The ad copy uses a black background to exhibit a black archeological sculpture that symbolizes the greatness of the Egyptian civilization. The ad copy is in big white font to attract people driving by.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Events & Exhibitions

Brand: The National Expo

Advertiser: The Address Consultancy

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign

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