Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), climbs on Dubai’s outdoor advertising landscape to raise awareness on the big sales that will be offered by Mydss. ae as part of the program which will be active starting from the 1st of July until the 4th of September 2021. DSS will be offering unbeatable sales, prize draws and special offers across the city, with the main aim of serving up live entertainment, amazing deals and fun for all family members. The event is the highly anticipated shopping extravaganza of Dubai’s season and this year it is back with promotions from the city’s most loved retailers.

After the Dubai Shopping Festival of the previous year, DSS is now offering every reason to visit your favorite malls that will be packed with amazing deals and a range of exciting activities and entertainment for the whole family. The ad visual gives the audience the same vibes of happy shopping by portraying a young couple carrying shopping bags at the mall with utter happiness. The visual also uses a noticeable amount of the color yellow which is known to be uplifting and illuminating and it offers hope, happiness, cheerfulness, and fun. The blue color reflects feelings of reliability, stability and serenity. 

The campaign is a new one that was released in the first week of July across Dubai City mainly as Digital Screens. 

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