Banque Misr partly reveals the campaign after the teaser outdoor campaign launched at the beginning of this month and based upon the figure of Egyptian economist and founder of the bank, Talaat Harb.
The teaser campaign, which started with the message “Talaat Harb is coming back”, has now evolved into a more complex concept. Over the same maroon backgrounds, encased by an ochre frame, we see blindfolded individuals that represent different segments of the community and seem to find no hope in the current economic situation. However, the blindfold is highly significant, as it usually represents people that can’t see reality. The responses to the blindfold messages carry the traditional Egyptian sarcasm and always add “Talaat Harb is coming back” at the end. The artwork, with the contrasting colors and the main message deliver a good combination between the teaser and the reveal campaigns.
Large and X-Large uni-poles placed across the city continue this enigmatic campaign. Stay tuned as we reveal more details about this campaign from Banque Misr.

Banque Misr continues OOH teaser campaign of Talaat Harb-00
Banque Misr continues OOH teaser campaign of Talaat Harb-00

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