Tide penetrated Dubai's OOH market with its new campaign informing consumers and raising awareness on Tide Pods which are 3 in 1 laundry detergent packs that provide super concentrated cleaning detergents for clothes and fabrics. The pods are also odor fighters and stain removers. Each capsule cleans and revives clothes, resulting in brighter fabrics and whiter whites. 

Tide Pods provide exceptional cleaning power in a single convenient pre-measured pod. To keep your clothes smelling fresh, the original scent is infused with floral and fruity notes. The ad copy reflects that Tide Pods have 2X cleaning power versus gel, and also highlights that it is the "voted product of the year" in the Gulf for 2021. The advert also claims that the cleaning detergent is also voted based on an independent survey by Nielsen. Because Tide is part of the P&G Family, it reflects on the credibility and reliability of the product and its features. The campaign uses the color orange to enhance brand identity and create feelings of warmth and curiosity as well as to grab the attention of the Emirati audience. 

The campaign is a new one that was released in the 3rd week of June across the City of Dubai as Hoardings, Lampposts and Digital Screens.

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