Al Ghurair Properties' history as a real estate pioneer began with the goal of providing everyone with vibrant and economical living experiences for three decades, with a commitment to preserve the city's culture, variety, and spirit through hospitality, residential, commercial, and industrial assets.

Al Ghurair Properties debuts on the billboards of Dubai with an OOH campaign, promoting its centrally-located apartments to charming and sprawling villas, surrounded with vibrant places and a harmonious community. On a partitioned background, the first part illustrates an ad copy that invites the audience to "Live In The Centre", written in both language; English and Arabic. On the other hand, the other part features a man and woman who seemed to be husband and wife, standing with a pose and putting a smile on their  faces. They seem to be satisfied by the quality of life that Al Ghurair Properties provide, as Al Ghurair Properties comes for "Enhancing Life", also the ad copy adds a website for more details. This campaign was seen for the first time on billboards in the fourth week of June with a limited location on Hoarding Billboards in Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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