Privacy is a fundamental human right and it is reflected as Apple's core principle in the campaign. Since smartphones have become significant in so many aspects of life, it should be up to users to decide what they believe is worthy of being shared with whom these users would like to share that information with exactly. Apple highlights in the campaign that all products including the new generation of iPhones are carefully designed to protect people's privacy and give users full control over their own information and data. 

Apple showcases that this task may not always be easy, however, this is the kind of innovation that reflects on the company's convictions. The ad copy is simple and straight-to-the-point using the motto "iPhone Privacy, That's iPhone". The photography used includes people holding their devices up to their faces so the screen is not visible and this reflects that the brand holds its privacy policy as a vital element of functioning. Apple is currently offering App Tracking Transparency that keeps all your data personal and private and the ad copy also refers to "" for additional information. The campaign was released as a limited one during the 3rd week of June and was distributed as hoardings across Dubai. 

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Industry: Mobile Devices

Brand: iPhone

OOH Size: Hoarding

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Dubai | UAE | United Arab Emirates

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