The Beach invites the Emirati audience to join the venue's "Weekday Brekkie Squad" that get to enjoy the hottest offers and deals all year long. The Beach Breakfast Club has a view of the beautiful Arabian Sea. The destination is Dubai's perfect laid-back beachfront destination with the best selection of healthy treats or an expansive morning feast. 

The Beach offers various different options for best deal breakfast meals that suit consumer preferences. For example, those who would like breakfast typically inspired by royal meals can check out Awani or Bla Bla Beach Club's variety of breakfast deals offering something for every palate. All The Beach's brekkie offers can be found on the full list published on their official website "the beach. ae" as shown in the ad copy. The brand positions itself to provide a healthy fix, an element of recovery, and the satisfaction of the crave for a classic-American style breakfast. Sugarfield & Co. is also at The Beach for quick coffee pick-ups as well as a nearby pastry, Morelli's. 

The brand promises to prove a comfortable and safe dining experience. The campaign intensely uses orange as the main color scheme which represents creativity, adventure, enthusiasm, success and balance. The color adds more fun to the attractive photography of The Beach and people enjoying their "Weekday Brekkie". The campaign is a new one that was released in the first week of June and was distributed as Digital Screens across Dubai City. 

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