McDonald's climbs on UAE's exclusive billboard scene to make popular the fact that the multinational food chain is now serving the all-new and limited, BTS collaboration meal which includes Cajun Sauce and Sweet Chili Sauce. The "Limited Time Collab" suggests that there's no better reason to keep coming back for McNuggets like new sauces.  The K-pop sensations, BTS, have collaborated with the fast-food giant to create a meal that can now be ordered across the Emirates.

The BTS Meal consists of 10 chicken nuggets, medium Internationally Renowned Fries, medium Coke, and delicious sweet chilli and Cajun dipping sauces inspired by famous McDonald's South Korean recipes. Fans in the UAE have already trooped to get their hands on the meal, causing the launch to trend on Twitter. To celebrate the successful launch and BTS-based promotional campaign, the band released a line of merchandise including clothes and accessories which induce the same style as the ad copy and meal packaging. McDonald's adopted a contemporary purple aesthetic for the branding of this offer and purple is a unique and exotic color that represents bravery and is very eye-catching. The ad copy also uses appropriate food photography that is mouth-watering, focusing especially on the new sauces. The campaign was published in the first week of June and it is a limited one which was distributed as digital screens and lampposts around the cities of Dubai and Sharjah. 

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