Our monthly analysis of billboards in Cairo has revealed that this month's market insights reflect a rise in the number of campaigns, with an increase in the total number of campaigns compared to April's Insights.

According to the monthly insights study, market occupancy has increased slightly from April to May, with 68% of OOH spaces filled in May compared to 55% in April. There were only 32% of OOH spots available for launching new campaigns in May, whereas in April 45% of spots were available for releasing new campaigns. Besides, it is found that the billboards record 178 total campaigns, showing up 69% running campaigns and 31% new players stepping in.   

When it comes to industry occupancy, the real estate industry occupied 27% in April. However, in May, there is a noticeable increase to 30% in the real estate industry, dominating spots to be at the peak as usual. It is followed by the Telecommunication industry to slightly bounce back with a share of 12%, compared to April that managed to occupy 13% of the market. The third-runner up was FMCG with 7%, while the fourth-runner up was Foodservice with 6%.          

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