The exclusive agent for Mitsubishi in UAE, Al Habtoor Motors has spiced up the billboards of Dubai with a new promotional OOH campaign, surprising the audience on the roads with hot summer offers and deals of 2021. This campaign has shown up on the billboards after bringing the “Drive one year free until Ramadan 2022” offer during the holy month of Ramadan in its previous OOH campaign.   

The Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors hits the roads of Dubai with a new promotional campaign, promising this summer to enjoy great and sizzling offers like never before, where you can buy a Mitsubishi and “get 0% interest for 3 years”, mentioning that the Pajero model starting from “AED 1,288 per month”, the ASX model from “AED 1,043 per month”, and last but not least the Xpander model starting from “AED 924 per month”.  The visuals portray different models of Mitsubishi cars making their way off-road and their vehicles exposing them to an abnormal desert adventure. The ad bottom of the background features a hotline as a call-to-action to call Al Habtoor Motors to know more. On the other hand, the ad copy highlights the phrase that you will drive your ambition with “ Free Llumar, Tinting, and Scotchgard”. This new campaign has shown up on the billboards in the third week of June on Hoarding Billboards and UniPole Billboards in Dubai and Sharjah

The Art & Science of OOH

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