New OOHteaser campaign across the Greater Cairo announces upcoming appearance of Real Madrid top scorer Cristiano Ronaldo in ON TV channel.
Since CR7 and ON TV owner Abou Hashima teased their followers from their respective Twitter accounts with the news of a joint project for Ramadan, the mysterious initiative has been the talk of the city. And Ronaldo family's recent visit to Cairo has only increased the fans' expectations!

The outdoor ads give away nothing, except the skyline silhouette used by the TV network in their ads of ON channels. Just a variety of photos of the footballer, sometimes surrounded by young children or holding a baby in his arms, other times simply alone filling the photo with his friendly smile. And the ad copy that reads "Ramadan 2017".
With uni-poles, billboards and mega-signs, the campaign can be spotted almost everywhere across the Greater Cairo.

The Portuguese player, who is expected to win his fifth Ballon D'Or before end of this year, gave a very personal interview not long ago to partner channel ON Sport, and seems like his collaboration with the Egyptian TV network will be much more fruitful.
Stay tuned as we reveal more details of ON TV plans in the next few days.
Hala Madrid! Hala Ronaldo! Hala Abou Hashima and Hala ON TV!

Ronaldo to join ON TV soon-00
Ronaldo to join ON TV soon-00

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