The popular jewelry brand Messika climbs up on UAE billboards to establish its brand identity as an elite and high-end jewelry store. The campaign raises awareness on the beauty of chain and leather bracelets for both men and women. They can also come in a cuff-like structure which carries this trend across most of the pieces that the brand offers. The signature bracelet is available in Gold, Pink Gold, Yellow Gold, as well as Titanium. 

The campaign shows how the elegant bracelet hugs the curve of the wrist with a perfect fit. It also portrays how luxurious the jewelry is and that it is meant to be worn in fancy occasions. All the pieces in the collection are illustrated by Valerie Messika's unique and artistic vision. The campaign also reflects on how the jewelry selection and the signature collection are designed to be easy to wear especially in everyday life. The signature collection guarantees both men and women a radiant touch. 

The campaign induces very simple graphic design that makes the collection really stand out. The ad copy also includes the main motto "What’s Your Next Move?" initiating that the audience are bound to tune in to the latest jewelry trends. The campaign took the form of a digital screen which was placed at Al Mustaqbal Street, and at Boulevard, Al-Shaykh Mohamed bin Rashid in Dubai. 

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