Etisalat infiltrates Dubai’s billboards with its latest “Togetherness Matters'' campaign as the telecommunication operator has reflected in its previous campaigns that demonstrate that togetherness is important now, more than ever. This is especially because people have been working from home and academic institutions have also enforced distance-learning regulations to help fight COVID-19. 

Etisalat now provides the 5th generation mobile network (5G), or the new global wireless standard that enables a network designed for virtual connection and connecting different devices, machines, and objects together. Etisalat now offers you the chance to connect at “Super Speed” via iPad Pro. The telecom operator also shows that it provides the connection starting from AED 140/month. 

This is a relatively limited and new campaign that started in the first week of June and was placed as a bridge billboard at Sheikh Zayed Road and Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. 

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