After the last campaign, McDonald's launched, which was mainly a transparency campaign informing consumers that they have the right to know what ingredients are put into their food or any other questions, McDonald's released a launching campaign which promotes an amazing savings menu. 

The campaign shows that the savings menu has both cheese beef and chicken burgers which start from 10 AED. A double-layered burger will cost 12 AED while a triple up is for 14 AED. These prices are very attracting for McDonald's and burger lovers around the United Arab Emirates. The advertisements also show that the meal comes with a drink and fries. 

McDonald's adopted professional and mouth-watering photographs of their juicy burgers and also abided by the general theme and design of McDonald's brand identity. The campaign attracts consumers by showing all 3 offers which will only be available for a limited time period. 

The campaign is a fairly new one which was launched in the 3rd week of May. It was present in the form of lampposts at Sheikh Zayed Rd, Heasaa St, Al Khail Rd, Dubai. It was also published in uni-pole form at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd, Heasaa St, Al Khail Rd, Dubai. Also at Corniche St in Buhaira. The campaign was also published in Al Taawun Street in Sharjah.

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