Max Fashion launches a phenomenal campaign in the UAE to announce the release of the latest, trendy collection. The brand's main aim is to establish a strong reputation and increase familiarity and awareness by endorsing individuality and women empowerment in the advertisement. The campaign demonstrates clothing that is currently trending which is a very elegant and smart casual style. 

Other than clothing, the photographs used for the campaign shows that Max also provides bags and accessories. The campaign also reflects on how shopping with Max has become way easier and faster with online shopping via "". Shopping can also take place in-store and the campaign highlights that the megastore is available at City Centre, Ajman. 

There is also a mobile application which grants you the convenience of delivery on the same day and you can easily buy or use online gift cards. You can also shop using PayPal or Apple Wallet and this option reaches a larger segment of potential customers. The brand attempts to raise awareness through a partially promotional approach that concerns displaying prices of some pieces. 

The ad copy shows an elegant top that is reasonably priced, it costs only 65 AED. It also shows a smart-casual dress that is for 90 AED. The prices are extremely motivating comparing to other brands' pricing strategies. 

The campaign is a new one which started in the 3rd week of May and was distributed as Wall Wrappings in Dubai's Sheikh Zayed Road, as well as Uni-Poles in Ajman's Al Lttihad Road.

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