Al Bayader launches a massive campaign in Dubai's highways and primary OOH locations, to advertise for their wide range of 100+ hygiene and cleaning solutions that are compulsory tools in any household. The organization's brand, Bcleen, celebrates 30 years of proudly serving families with necessary house cleanliness products since it is considered the home of food packaging and cleaning products in the UAE. 

The campaign is also proactive in the sense of following the "Green Trial" towards more sustainable and eco-friendly products and solutions. Some of the variety of products offered include cutlery tools, glass and wood cleaners as well as air fresheners and tissue packets. The ad copy also projects that the brand is fun since it offers creative and colorful tableware and kitchenware. 

The theme maintains a sustainable and innovative approach that informs loyal and potential customers where exactly the store can be found and running which is at Exit 45 of Sheikh Zayed Road. 

The campaign started in the first week of June and it was placed as massive Bridge Billboards at Sheikh Zayed Road, Airport Street, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road., Al Khail Road. and at the Financial Center Roundabout, Dubai. 

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