The leading fashion brand in the region, Splash has released a powerful OOH campaign on the billboards of Dubai to raise awareness on protecting the ocean and adopting sustainable practices in the fashion industry. This campaign appears after showcasing one-of-a-kind colorful outfits during the holy month of Ramadan 2021 in its recent campaign.   

Splash affirms that 90% of their collection is sustainable, highlighting the phrase “What You Give Me, Goes Back To You”.  Splash’s “Love The Ocean” campaign is a part of the environmental initiative “Love The Planet”, promising its audience to work in an environment-friendly manner. For instance, Splash collaborated with the diving instructor “Ahmed Azzat” in the UAE, wherein he started teaching the divers how to safely dive without polluting the ocean as well as teaching school students to protect the ocean. In addition, they collaborated with the UAE's nature ambassador "Jude Dallal" to spread awareness over the UAE on how important the ocean is and how polluting the ocean results in dangerous implications on the environment, presented through a short video. 

Furthermore, as a part of Splash’s new campaign “#Love The Ocean”, Marine Biologist, Emily Armstrong collaborated with Splash in the UAE to dedicate her time to hawksbill turtle conservation and single plastics reduction by switching renewable energy sources. As for the ad copy, the background is placing Splash’s website and highlighting that you can find them at Centrepoint.                      

Splash’s new campaign popped up in the third week of May with limited locations; on Hoarding Billboards at Al Khail Road and on Rooftop Billboards at Airport Street in Dubai. In addition, this campaign appeared on Mega Com at Al Ittihad Road in Sharjah and UniPole Billboards at Sheikh Muhammad Bin Salem Street in Ras Al Khaimah

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