Property and real estate pioneer, Sobha Hartland, gets up on UAE billboards to announce the launching of the Waterfront District in Dubai's MBR City. The venue is equivalent to the scenery of a fairytale since the agency is known for crafting the most luxurious and astonishing real estate assets. The artistic properties are perfect for a sense of loyalty as is the campaign which reflects an ideal for those who are looking to live a high-flying lifestyle. 

Sobha's signature quality is their identity which shapes the idea of perfection which is non-negotiable in the advertising message sent to the audience. The campaign understands every unit and block of property in Dubai and it creates a clear perception associated with a lifestyle that is of the highest standards. The ad copy incorporates a design that follows the latest trends and it is extremely creative, innovative and modern. The brand really reflects the extent of professionalism in campaigning for interior and exterior landscape designs. 

The campaign is a relatively new one which was published in the third week of May. It was distributed as a Bridge Billboard and Hoardings in Sheikh Zayed Road. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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