KFC distributes a massive campaign across UAE advertising sites to inform Kentucky Fried Chicken Lovers that there has been a crunchy, crispy and saucy meal added to their signature menu. The Dipping Bucket is a family-sized meal and what's mainly different about it is that the bucket is presented with multiple different dipping sauces. Fried Chicken Lovers around the world love dipping their fries and chicken in sauces which is why the campaign is appealing to a large group of people. 

The bucket has 5 different sauces as well as an average portion of chicken strips and KFC's delicious coleslaw. KFC promotes its brand through the campaign using the RED strategy which stands for Relevance, Ease and Distinction. KFC is also developing a brand image that is unmistakable which drives traffic towards stores, especially because the company has valid data on consumer segments preferences and demands. 

The visuals used for the campaign were very eye-grabbing and mouth-watering which reaffirms the obsession we all have for Kentucky's Fried Chicken. The New Dipper's Box is also shown in the campaign which is a smaller portion served with the same sauces and side dishes. The ad copies use the general guidelines of KFC's brand image using white and red as main colors that excite consumers to try new things. The food photography is also extremely professional and efficient and the campaign informs consumers that they can now order on the KFC app which can be found on App Store and Google Play. 

The campaign is a new and massive one which was fairly distributed and started in the 3rd week of May and took the form of the following: Uni-Pole (Al Khail Road - Baniyas Street)  Lampposts (Sheikh Zayed Road, Heasaa Street, Al Khail Road, Sheikh Rashid Road, Rabat Street, Al Ittihad Road) Bridge Billboard (Rabat Street, Al Ittihad Road, Ras Al Khor Road) Mega Com (King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, Heasaa Street, Casablanca Street) Bridge Billboard (AL lttihad Road) Sharjah - Lampposts (Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road) Ras Al Khaimah - Lampposts (Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road) Ajman

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