Noon announces its efforts to regulate its first shipping and delivery services on Dubai's billboards with the launch of an inclusive campaign that reflects the Middle Eastern, home-grown digital marketplace. Noon has established itself as a secure and easy online marketplace and it provides an open-ended platform with never-ending varieties for customers to discover and shop products from different categories including; clothes, electronics, household products, baby products and toys, beauty and fragrance products as well as sports products and groceries with the best offers and discounts. 

Noon is especially convenient because it delivers right to your doorstep at the fastest pace since its headquarters is in the Middle Eastern region.  Noon's campaign had relevant visuals and ad copy since the campaign's main message is that "Everything You Need", will be "Delivered Same Day" you order it. That message fits with the needs and demands of the target consumers which is why it is an extremely appropriate advertising message to attract more people into the e-commerce scene. 

The campaign abided by the yellow main brand color. In the world of branding, yellow is considered an attention-grabbing, fun young, and energetic color. The color is generally uncommon which is why Noon's brand identity is unique and has gained a high level of familiarity and recognition. The billboard also shows the different products which are offered such as shoes, electronic devices, fragrances, groceries, gym or sport necessities, and clothes.

The campaign was a fairly new one that started in the second week of May and was distributed across Dubai's bridge billboard and lampposts environment at Sheikh Zayed Rd., Jumeira St., Al Khawaneej St., Rabat Street, and Dubai Marina. 

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