Etisalat UAE is dedicated to being the leading global telecommunications by providing clients with the world's fastest mobile network experience. For supporting this commitment, Etisalat has landed on the billboards of Dubai with a new outdoor campaign, delivering a free wideband speed to customers on eLife limited plans. This campaign has popped up after revealing its new exclusive offers during Ramadan 2021 in its recent campaign.   

It is well-known that eLife Unlimited plans are the number one choice for home broadband entertainment in the UAE. Therefore, Etisalat UAE has made it on the billboards, announcing that the standard for fixed broadband network speeds is now with speeds starting at 250Mbps. In other words, the “eLife Unlimited Starter” will be duplicated to be 500mbps, as well “eLife Unlimited Sports” and “eLife Entertainment Plans”, will be offered to be 750 Mbps during the promotional period which is valid from May 6 till July 31. This alluring offer makes new customers join and subscribe for eLife unlimited plan, meanwhile, it gives its existing customers the privilege, enjoying a limited time 10% increase in speeds when they upgrade to eLife unlimited plan. 

Regarding the visuals, Etisalat abided by the main brand color, reflecting on the use of the green color in the background, featuring a group of friends watching TV. The campaign’s main message was “Free speed boost on eLife Unlimited!”, adding the phrase “Now Starting at 500mbps” with mentioning their main slogan “Together Matter”. In a distinctive huge font, it adds the phrase “250mbs faster” and in a very small font, it highlights that the promotional period for this campaign ends on the 31st of July. Etisalat placed at the bottom of the background Etisalat’s customer care number to dial.     

Etisalat’s new campaign emerged in the second week of May on Digital Screens at Dubai Marina, Al Karma, and Sheikh Zayed Road. Meanwhile, this campaign has glammed up on Bridge Billboards at Omar Bin Khattab Street Deira, Al Khail Road, and Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. Moreover, it spiced up the billboards on Digital Screens at Al Taawun Street, Sheikh Khalifa Street, Alsharq Street, and Al Ittihad Road in Sharjah. Furthermore, it has shown up on Bridge Billboards at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in Sharjah, as well at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in Ajman

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