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Maxim Development brings on Cairo's Billboards, its Latest Project "Bo Islands" in Sidi Abdelrahman in the North Coast

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Maxim Development brings on Cairo's Billboards, its Latest Project "Bo Islands" in Sidi Abdelrahman in the North Coast

Maxim Developments Group founded by Mr. I, Wagdy Karrar in 1980. Maxim has dedicated its company to assisting Egyptians in achieving their goals by transforming their aspirations into reality through a diverse range of projects and services. The company was formed with the goal of improving the quality of life of Egyptians by grasping every possible opportunity in various market areas and providing superior quality projects, products, and services to the community. 

The pioneering developer, Maxim Development Group has climbed up the billboards of Cairo after introducing its exceptional Maxim mall on the road via its latest OOH campaign. This time, Maxim Developments reappeared on the highways, presenting its latest addition to Maxim's projects, Bo Islands that is located at the very heart of Sidi Abdelrahman Bay on the North Coast. 

This campaign used the baby blue color on backgrounds to put you in a summer mood, at the same time, the real estate company wanted to build a strong relationship with the audience. Therefore, the blue color was the best choice to promote trust and reliability in their service. Meanwhile, in order to evoke summer vibes, the blue color is always associated with water, peace, and calmness that are all found at Bo Sidi Abdelrahman. The campaign has popped up on double-deckers, the upper decker shows off luxurious standalone villas to cozy chalets with original lagoons, the luxurious buildings are inspired by the Bohemian architecture concept using Eco-friendly features. As for the ad copy, it adds the phrase “sea you soon” and the word “Live”, ensuring that all the taken-shot appeared on the billboards are very real, also they highlights on the lower decker billboard, the project’s name with a huge font as a focus for raising awareness about its latest project, placing Maxim’s number for knowing more details about the project.    

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