McDonald's gets up on Dubai's billboards to normalize their transparency and maintain the trust of loyal consumers. To do this they used a corporate social responsibility approach which offers customers a chance to know what they're eating and ask any questions they would like through McDonald's official portal; 

The website informs customers that the campaign's initiative goal and design is associated with World Food Safety Day which is on the 7th of June. The ad copy initiates that the website gives consumers the option to ask a question and there are also a set of readily answered questions such as; how does McDonald's make its crispy fries? is chicken nuggets halal? and what is the origin of the beef and chicken provided?. 

The ad copy shows in big and bold font, the phrase "Do You Know What's Behind Your Burger?" this will potentially attract consumers to read about it and eventually have strong trust and loyalty towards the food chain. The campaign is generally extremely creative since it contains an outline of a burger but rather than it being a bread bun and beef, it portrays a healthy and natural farm. 

The campaign was a relatively new one which started in the second week of May. It was placed at Sheikh Zayed Rd., Dubai, as a hoarding which was visible to most, if not all, city residents. 

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