On Sunday 30th of May 2021, in a press conference held in the Nile Ritz-Carlton Cairo, the United Media Services (UMS) Group and Alarabia for Outdoor Advertising. Both signed memorandum of understanding setting a cooperation protocol to develop the outdoor advertising mediums to match the world's class standards.

The Egyptian company UMS Group working in the media services with numerous affiliated media entities contains fifteen media service companies, thirteen TV channels, six Radio stations, and ten newspapers.

UMS group had just announced its new administrative structure on Saturday 29th of May 2021 during the same press conference, the group demonstrated the company's milestones over the past five years, also revealed they will launch a regional news channel to reflect Egypt's vision and the Arab countries' interests.

Alarabia for Outdoor Advertising is a Saudi Arabian limited liability company established in 1983. The company specializes in Out-of-Home advertising, and particularly in the set-up and operation of billboards. Alarabia pioneering the OOH industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, earlier in May, they announced Dkhoun in cooperation with Zaha Haidi Design, one of the best world's architecture design firms, OOH project in the embassies district of Riyadh. Alarabia announced the cooperation protocol with UMS via social media and captioned it "A qualitative leap taking place in the Egyptian advertising market".

On the other hand, the CEO of Alarabia, Mohamed Al Khereiji, during a phone interview on TV, ensured that the leading company is excited to enter the Egyptian OOH market, he also mentioned that they felt the strong will of the Egyptian party on developing the outdoor advertising. Al-Khereiji promised noticeable development to the outdoor media of Egypt, stressing that the challenges of elevating the traditional media in our nations to strive for digital media are great.

Worth mention, This MoU wasn't the only one was signed in this press conference, another protocol between UMS group and the MBC group was signed during the same press conference. UMS announced that there are more partnerships to come soon as they aim to widen their cooperation regionally.

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