Lulu Hypermarket offers today LuLu UAE’s newest summer collection that looks fabulous and trendy for Summer 2021. LuLu Hypermarket is a hallmark of premium retailing in the Gulf region, with 207 locations. In addition, LuLu provides a cutting-edge shopping experience by bringing all of the consumer's demands together under one roof, including fashion and lifestyle.     

Lulu’s campaign starts appearing in the fourth week of April; on Lampposts at Al Ittihad Street and  Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, calling to pick your top essentials for Summer season which is available now in stores and via On Lamppost Billboards, the ad conveys the message of releasing trendy ready-to-wear clothes for summer 2021, showcasing models wearing fabulous pieces. Meanwhile, the ad copy describes the new summer collection of 2021 as “less heat, more chic” and “Less Humid, More Sharp”.

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