Our monthly analysis and investigation of Cairo’s Out-Of-Home media advertising scene have concluded that market insights for April, generally demonstrate a reasonable number of local campaigns which have accomplished their goals due to the well-constructed ideas and marketing strategies.

Insite OOH formulated a specific report concerning the newest versus running OOH campaigns and it was found that 55% of Egyptian billboards have been running from March until April and 45% of the market is fairly new in terms of content. On the other hand, for March the rate was 50%-50% for the new and running campaigns.

Regarding the industry occupancy, the industry of real estate has been number 1 on the chart for almost 3 consecutive months however, in March, 38% of Egypt’s OOH scene was real estate-based while in April there was a noticeable decrease to 27% but real estate remains dominating in OOH. April witnessed a shift in the second category of industry occupancy since telecommunications managed to occupy 13% of the market. The prior month’s second runner-up was Fast Moving Consumer Goods with 10%. For March, telecommunications was only at 9% which translates to the fact the industry exerted recognizable efforts in OOH adverts.

The media and broadcasting industry has also jumped on OOH charts since, in March, it had an unnoticeable presence. In April, the industry is number 3 in industry occupancy with approximately 13% of market penetration. This fact can form the valid prediction that April was the peak for advertising Ramadan TV shows and series.

The monthly insights report shows that the market occupancy has slightly decreased from March to April by a rate of 2% whereas in March, 47% of OOH sites were available for the release of new campaigns, and in April, there is 45%. This reduction can be understood since the peak of OOH advertising was in the holy month of Ramadan. On the other hand, in March, 53% of the scene was occupied and April saw a 2% increase in market occupation. In other words, there is 55% of running campaigns in Cairo’s billboard and advertising landscape. 

More can be revealed regarding the campaign budget, OOH kinds, locations, and more by visiting MOOH, our partnering OOH media intelligence company and analysis system in Cairo as well as Dubai. It keeps track of action happening on billboards regarding advertisers, campaigns’ budgets, media plans, OOH kinds, and more.

As well as you can reveal more via explore the top 20 campaigns that dominated Cairo's billboards this month through https://insiteooh.com/article/4549-broadcast-media-are-on-the-top-charts-for-ramadan-2021

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