Belovedbrand Bebejunior has launched this month of May an outdoor campaign to remind Egyptians of their infant food properties.
The brand, today part of the Danone Group, is one of the market leading products of Dutch company Nutricia, and has helped millions of Egyptians grow up with their range of infant food formulas for several decades.
Their ads, in accordance with the yellow branding of their package, informs viewers that their complementary food “makes the child’s body as strong as iron”. The artwork is sweet and puerile, showcasing happy children on origami metal boats and airplanes over the branded yellow background of Bebejunior.
With Gates, Serials, Double-decker poles, Large and X-Large uni-poles, the campaign has gone the extra mile and can be spotted in many locations across Greater Cairo.

Bebejunior for iron growth!-00
Bebejunior for iron growth!-00

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