A diverse range of marketers, advertisers, and brands are competing against each other for accomplishing maximum reach and improved rankings. An industry such as broadcast media has been expanding and developing its efforts in OOH techniques, to achieve the desired extent of audience exposure and Ramadan acted as a key factor for their success. Our sister company MOOH monitors, analyzes, and tracks down local OOH campaigns each month and aims to gather insight on particular industries that we’re able to reach our Top 20 lists. 

Although the real estate industry has been dominating the OOH scene in Egypt for a while, the broadcast media sectors were able to reinforce their identity, equity, and standards in the market. Campaign for Ramadan shows was all around the city and channels such as; ON E, DMC, Al Hayah TV, CBC, MBC Masr, Al Nahar TV, and Channel One, made it to the Top 20 list, reassuring that their campaigns received outstanding exposure and reach levels. 

The real estate sector was also exceptionally successful as expected, and some of the Top brands include; D-Bay, Podia Tower, Sixty, Il Bosco City, Badya, Sarai, Telal, and Maxim Developments. Other industries such as FMCG “Talabat”, telecommunications “Etisalat”, and consumer electronics “UnionAire Group Technology” also hit top ranks and have attracted mass audiences in an attempt to fulfill their organizational target segment goals through the world of Out-Of-Home Advertising. 

Now you can check our infographic to know the business category market share of all the industries out there at our Market Insights https://insiteooh.com/article/4550-ramadan-is-ramping-up-the-market-growth-for-april-2021

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