The best source of total communication solution, WE, reappeared on the billboards of Cairo in 7 locations to promote its mobile wallet and innovative application, WE Pay and My WE, guaranteeing for you to pay and control all your financial transactions simply and flexibly.

As for the ad copy, it emphasizes that you can “simply Pay and Control with WE Pay & My WE”, so all you have to do is to download My WE and WE Pay EG applications. Besides, subscribe to the WE Pay EG application by visiting the nearest branch to you, as it is obvious on the bottom side of the background. Meanwhile, on the left bottom side, the campaign reveals some contacts from hotline to different platforms in case of having any inquiries about its special services. It is obvious that the campaign is showing off a hand, holding a smartphone on a bright blue-themed background to promote its special app WE Pay & My WE, where you can transfer money, deposit money, pay donations, pay WE pills, withdraw money, and pay electricity, water and gas pills. In a nutshell, just only by one touch, you can control all your financial transactions with ease and safety.    

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Telecommunication

Brand: WE

Advertiser: TE (Telecom Egypt)

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | we | My WE | WE Pay | Telecom Egypt

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