A new OOHcampaign from delicious Tseppas Patisserie wishes us Ramadan Kareem across the city.
Over photos of tasty Oriental treats and calligraphy that wishes viewers Ramadan Kareem, the ad copy reads “I am the sweet corner on the table”, and includes their hotline for delivery orders. The turquoise blue of their branding enriches the ads, giving away a lively, graceful style.
The Egyptian bakery, which has been delighting us with their French and oriental pastries since 1912, joins in the outdoor media race to sweeten the holy month with other renowned brands like Etoile, who launched a teaser OOH campaign with bizarre advice about kunafa,  and Monginis, who has chosen to bring us “Fusion cakes” for this holy month.
With Gates, and Large and X-Large uni-poles, the campaign will sweeten your views when driving around the city.

Tseppas Patisserie fills the sweet corner of your table-00
Tseppas Patisserie fills the sweet corner of your table-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Foodservice

Brand: Tseppas

Advertiser: Tseppas MG

OOH Size: Gate | Uni-Pole | Large uni-pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: North Africa | Ramadan Campaign

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