A new Apple Inc campaign popped up via the billboards of Dubai with its ongoing outdoor advertising campaign to showcase the new iPhone 12 Now In Purple with artistry featured choice. The remarkable iPhone12 ad copy shows off the appearance of the iPhone throughout different angles, highlighting its chic and modern appearance in purple while the ad placing the Etisalat UAE logo at the very bottom of the visuals as its telecommunication partners

As Apple promised that the purple iPhone 12 would be purple, and it wasn’t wrong with lovely lilac shades, and hints of charming lavender,  that has me both excited and chic at the same time. The unique design of the iPhone 12 lends itself nicely to this particular finish. The glass rear is slightly lighter in its purple, the toughened sheet leaving the hue looking almost creamy to the eyes

The campaign surfacing during the first week of this May, the eye-catchy visuals was seen via Hoarding at Sheikh Zayed Road, Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai, by Media 24/7.

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