ACA, the Administrative Control Authority, has launched a new outdoor campaign to raise awareness of their anti-corruption efforts.
The government body, whose main task is to detect administrative and financial contravention to law as well as negligence in the state and public sectors, has chosen photos of real people that represent Egyptians at different public positions of influence, from the janitor to the government official. Launched just at the beginning of Ramadan, ACA hopes to awaken the spirit of participation during the Holy month of Goodness.
With ad copy that reads “If we look in the mirror, this is going to be the beginning” and “Participate and report of corruption”, the ads incite citizens to participate in the fight against corruption that affects the country at every level. With the hashtag “You are yourself’s mirror”, the campaign aims at making access easier for Egyptians who wish to report or submit complaints of corruption.
Medium and Large uni-poles, Double-decker poles and some serials of 2 and 3 billboards, can be found at several locations across the Greater Cairo, and include their hotline for citizens interested in participating.

ACA launches OOH awareness campaign to fight corruption-00
ACA launches OOH awareness campaign to fight corruption-00

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