Viya is a lifestyle rewards app owned by Wasl Hospitality and Leisure. Viya provides exclusive access to offer rewards and experiences at different locations in Dubai across leading restaurants, golf courses, and leisure destinations for residents and tourists. In other words, Viya ae app offers access to the good life in Dubai from private beaches, golf courses, hotel pools, cafes, spas, restaurants to gyms. 

Therefore, Viya has turned up on the highways via the billboards of Dubai with an outdoor advertising campaign, inviting audiences to download Viya either from Google Play or App Store for free. The visuals display beautiful images for some destinations to visit in Dubai that the Viya app offers. By using a bilingual tone, the billboards invite residents and visitors to “Download Viya today” as well as it describes the app as “Dubai’s Lifestyle Rewards App”. 

Viya’s campaign has popped up in the fourth week of April with a limited location; on hoarding billboards at Heasaa Street in Dubai.

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