The leading luxury retailer Rivoli Group has to bring back with a new campaign to promote the Ebel brand, mentioning some of its luxuries items, such as Sport Classic watch, demonstrating the unique watch with a catchy and energizing colors on a large scale to be visible clearly, as well as showing Ebel's logo and its tagline "Beauty marries function" in both Arabic and English, as well as featured with "Sport Classic New Larger Case 33" that best describes the new upgrade of the Sport Classic

The classy ad visuals align with the Ebel sport classic choice, featuring by using an elegant glamour background to be the showcase of the campaign and mentioning "Mansour Jewellers", as well as adding the human aspect through showing woman hand wearing the watch majestically as representing how much this item fitting perfectly both genders.

The ad campaign popped up through Dubai Street in limited locations during the second week of April, via Uni-Pole at Sheikh Zayed Road, and Lamp Posts at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

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