With only a few days ago, the luxurious jewelry mansion, Cartier has released a fabulous commercial. Then, it has turned up on the billboards of UAE, spreading wishes everywhere in celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, after its outdoor advertising campaign.

The visuals feature some landmarks from all over the world and display some mesmerising and prominent items from Cartier. On the other hand, the visual appears on a blue dark background, showing a Panther roaming on a desert at night under the stars and the crescent, spotlighting on the stunning view of the night sky. The message behind this campaign is to appreciate every moment, even the smallest one, regardless of what is going on in the world. They might be referring to the pandemic, wherein Cartier recently donated to the Emirates Red Crescent to fight against Covid-19 and start a new dawn.

Meanwhile, they are wishing a Happy Ramadan to the Islamic nation as shown on the billboards "Cartier Wishes You and Your Loved Ones A Ramadan Mubarak", also this campaign is under the motto of "Togetherness is a Jewel", written both in English and Arabic languages.

This campaign has shown up in the third week of April; on Digital Screens at Al Mustaqbal Street Boulevard Alshaykh Muhamad Bin Rashid  in Dubai

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