Egypt and Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah is a role model and icon for young generations who have reached their goals. Despite all the struggles and challenges, he inspired the world and confirmed that “impossible is nothing”. Therefore, Mohamed Salah becomes part of Adidas “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign, which reveals how optimism shaped the lives of some of the games biggest stars through unseen moments from their life, showing how their dreams turned into reality.   

Adidas has turned up on the billboards of Cairo with an OOH advertising campaign to inspire people and empower them by human stories that are considered powerful demonstrations of how optimism brings the world together. The visuals appear on a white background template, with an ad copy that highlights Mohamed Salah’s phrase “Where Some See A Footballer, I See The Possibilities To Be Much More”. Meanwhile, another visuals with a partition, one side shows a picture of Mohamed salah, under the motto of “Impossible Is Nothing”. This campaign has made its appearance on billboards, following the inspiring commercial that features Mohamed Salah’s journey to success. Moreover, the commercial is narrated by the world star Ramy Youssef, mentioning that “Mohamed saw the possibilities to be more than a footballer. He saw that he could enable all people to see the possibilities to unite through sport and shape a better future together”. 

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Industry: Fashion wear

Brand: Adidas

Advertiser: Adidas

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Adidas | Brand Ambassador | Mohamed Salah | Ramy Youssef

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