The pioneering perfume sector, Arabian Oud, has glammed up on the billboards of UAE with an extensive outdoor advertising campaign to surprise the audience with 50% discounts on the fragrances of Arabian Oud in all outlets. 

From the country of the Two Holy Mosques, Arabian Oud started its journey to inspire people with its luxurious unique perfumes that combines the ancient orient with the west development to form this luxurious trademark. One of the reasons behind the success of Arabian Oud is Saudi Women who have tremendous potential and creativity, wherein Female factory was founded and operated by women who were qualified and trained through international programmes that showed the woman's skill, knowledge, responsibility, and effectiveness in her community. The ad copy emphasizes that the brand is made in KSA, appearing in a form of hashtag in Arabic “صنع_في_السعودية”. Meanwhile, through a huge font, the campaign presents its special offer, calling their audience to enjoy 50% Off. Furthermore, the ad copy says in both Arabic and English languages that fragrances are “Available in branches and online stores” and it is sided with the website, calling people to visit their websites for any new updates. Regarding the visuals, different perfumes with different fragrances appear on a background that reflects famous milestones and buildings from different countries. 

This campaign has shown up in the second week of April; on Wall Wrapping at Al Ittihad Street and on UniPole billboards at Sheikh Zayed Road. Moreover, this campaign made its presence on Hoarding Billboards at Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and on Lampposts billboards at Al Orouba Bridge in Sharjah. In addition, it has shown up on Lampposts at University Street in Ajman

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