The startup project "Home in a Bite" debuted on the billboards of UAE with an outdoor advertising campaign, bringing Lebanese amazing cuisine to consumers in Dubai and supporting the cherished restaurants from Lebanon.      

Once upon a time, a group of Lebanese entrepreneurs struck upon an idea to start an initiative called "Home in a Bite" that supports Lebanese restaurants during the current circumstances. In other words, many Lebanese restaurants closed due to the country's economic and political turmoil as well as the pandemic has made it more difficult. Therefore, the founder and CEO of “Home in a Bite” project, Christine Assoud chooses Dubai as a hub to grow and develop. The brands that have joined the initiative "Home in a Bite" are: the Authentic Lebanese experience “Ummi on the go”, the Traditional Lebanese home cooking “Tawlet Souk El Tayeb”, the Lebanese fast food “Tarator”, the Lebanese cuisine with a twist “Semsom”, the Healthy meals “Diet Center”, the Modernized retro international experience “Delico on the go”, The world’s best desserts “Cuisine d’amour”, and all-day restaurant cafe “Casper & Gambinis”.   

The visuals appear on a white template, highlighting the phrase in both Arabic and English languages “Delivering Your Favourite Restaurants from Lebanon”. In addition, the ad copy adds a call to action for visiting the website “WWW.HOMEINABITE.COM” and the official Instagram account “@HOMEINBITE”. The visuals show a black and white image of people, wearing Fez or Tarboosh and having a Lebanese cuisine, in which they are appeared in colors as a focus.   

The ad was witnessed in the first week of April; on Digital Screen at Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

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