Abu Dhabi Media lights up billboards of UAE on an OOH advertising campaign to showcase its exclusive programs during Ramadan 2021. The new campaign which under the slogan of “Hatha Waqtaha” or “هذا وقتها كل شئ بوقته حلو” is considered an extension of the #hadreen or #حاضرين campaign that was started in 2020 that made a huge success.

The programs that will be streamed on Abu Dhabi Media channels:

Abu Dhabi TV

The second season of “الاختيار 2” (The Choice 2) will be aired, starring the superstars Ahmed Mekky and Karim Abdel Aziz. In addition, the billboards are featuring Ahmed Izz and Hind Sabri in “هجمة مرتدة” (A Counter-Attack), Muhammad Imam and Hana Al Zahid in “النمر” (The Tiger), Khaled Amin and Amal Muhammad in “حين رأت” (When She Saw), Eminent Saad Al Faraj in “مطر صيف” (Summer Rain), Haya Abdul Salam and Hanadi Al Kandari in “نبض مؤقت” (Temporary Pulse), Salloum Haddad and Abed Fahed in “350 جرام” in English (350 Gram), and the comedy series “علاء الدين” (Aladdin), starring Abdul Naser Darwish and Ahmad Al Onan. The striking purple-colored theme of Abu Dhabi Tv appears with Ramadan’s crescent moon to make the audience feel the vibes, spreading the phrase “هل هلالك ابو ظبي دارك” which implies that Ramadan is here and Abu Dhabi is your home for your ultimate guide for TV Shows during Ramadan.  

Emarat TV

The Emirati series “بنات مسعود” (Massoud’s daughter), starring Jamal Al Radhan and Khalid Al Mudhafar. Moreover, Ahmed Al Jasmi and Mitha Mohammed in “اللي نحبهم” (The Ones We Love), Turki Al Yousef and Bilal Abdullah in “60 يوم” in English (60 Days), and Ali Al Salloum in “دروب” with season 8.  

The OOH campaign has popped up in the last week of March; on Hoarding billboards at Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and on Lampposts at Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Street in Cornish Ajman in Ajman. In addition, the campaign has shown up on Lampposts at Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Khail Road, Rabat street, and Heasaa street in Dubai.  

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