Noon comes up with the Ramadan Campaign under the motto of the “Super Big Deals, Super Fast Delivery” that has appeared on UAE’s streets with a massive outdoor advertising campaign to announce its big deals for Ramadan 2021, in which it is distinguished with the fastest delivery.  

The billboard’s background appears in yellow color, adding some touches to the background like a crescent moon to evoke Ramadan’s vibes. The Bridge billboard’s message motivates you to enjoy the “Super Big Deals, Super Fast Delivery” which is in Arabic  “ عروض كبيرة، وتوصيل سريع”, bringing to you big offers and deals on electronics, beauty products, appliances, groceries and more.  Another message appears in “Delivered Same Day, Not Some Day”  which is in Arabic “طلباتك نوصلها في نفس اليوم”, highlighting the fastest delivery service that you are going to enjoy. On Lampposts billboards, Noon is promising the “Best Deals”, “Fastest Delivery”, Delivered Same Day”, and “Shopping made easy” which is in Arabic “أفضل عروض”، “توصيل اسرع”، “ توصيل في نفس اليوم” و” التسوق صار اسرع” with a picture of the products and services that Noon offers. 

The OOH advertisement has popped up in the last week of March on Lampposts on Sheikh Zayed Roads, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, Heasaa Street, Jumeirah Street, and Rabat Street in Dubai. On the other hand, the campaign appears in Al Ittihad Street, King Abdulaziz Street, and Sharjah. The campaign has shown on the bridge's billboard in Al Ittihad street and Sharjah, also in Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.             

The Art & Science of OOH

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